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24 Hour Dental Clinic for Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Clinic for Oral Health

Knocking out a tooth due to an accident should be treated like any other emergency. Neglecting a dental emergency will lead to other severe problems. Immediately visit a 24 hour dental clinic for evaluation. This article discusses the common dental problems and procedure and how to handle dental emergencies.

Most Common Dental Problems

Listed here are the most common dental difficulties. If you start to notice issues, go to a regular dentist immediately to avoid the need to a 24 hour dental clinic.

Gingivitis. This is the first stage of gum disease. At an early juncture, it is easily treatable and even reversible. See your friendly dentist and have a check up before it leads to a serious ailment called periodontitis.

Missing teeth. Average adults have three or more missing teeth due to tooth decay. Missing teeth should be replaced to avoid difficulty in chewing and speech defects. Your remaining teeth will move after some over time which also causes bone loss. Your dentist will suggest some solutions to missing teeth like installing bridges, dentures or implants.

Tooth sensitivity. Sometimes your teeth lose their enamel coating causing sensitivity to hot or warm foods and drinks. This issue may be caused by tooth decay, fractured teeth, worn fillings, worn tooth enamel, or exposed roots. Your dentist will recommend using desensitizing toothpaste. Good oral hygiene can prevent you from their sensitivity in the first place.

Dry mouth. Visit your dentist immediately if you experience chronic dry mouth and gums because there may be some underlying causes. Dry mouth is an indication of tooth decay. Talk to your dentist and tell them what medications you have been taking because many times it may be a cause for dry mouth.

Emergency Dental CareOral cancer. Early indications of oral cancer can present as a tiny white or red spot and swelling of the mouth or throat. Visiting your dentist periodically helps because they can check for symptoms right away. The saying prevention is better than cure never gets old. If you suspect this visit your closest 24 hour dental care clinic.

Most Common Dental Procedures

For conventional dental procedures visit your friendly dentist, or you may choose to go to a 24 hour dental clinic. You need to know what are some common dental problems:

Fillings and repairs. Restorative composite materials are used to fill and repair decayed teeth and broken teeth.

Root Canal. This treatment is arranged to save the tooth from needing to be extracted. It involves removal of damaged and dead pulp. The damage is caused by crack teeth, a deep cavity or a serious tooth injury.

Crowns. This procedure is used to save your teeth from being extracted as well. It involves shaping the tooth, then taking an impression, placing a temporary crown, and lastly fixing the permanent crown will.

Extraction. The dentist chooses to extract when upon evaluation the tooth is beyond repair like a deep cavity or broken tooth due to an accident. For emergencies, the patient can go to a 24 hour dental care clinic.

When Do You Need 24 Hour Dental Care

You need a hour dental care in cases like a severe toothache where you’re unable to sleep at all. These can include chipped or broken teeth, a knocked-out tooth, a partially dislodged a tooth, a lost filling which causes tooth sensitivity, a lost crown, broken braces and wires, or loose brackets and abscess.

Final words

Common dental problems can be avoided and prevented by ensuring proper oral hygiene. Taking things for granted especially concerning dental health won’t do you any good. You can have yourself evaluated by your friendly dentist or 24 hour dental care providers.

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