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3 Newest Types of Dentures

Dentures have become a necessity to about one in five American adults. Tooth loss has been an increasingly common problem among older adults. Although, latest data suggest that half of the adults over 55 are currently wearing different types of false teeth.

The Best and Newest Types of DenturesHowever, these types of users often complained of problems regarding ill-fitting dentures that don’t allow them to masticate food properly. Luckily, the dental industry has made strides in dental technology. Now the newest types of dentures available will eliminate the most common problems. Here are some of the latest advances in types of dentures and options you have:

3D Printed Dentures

Users have commonly replaced dentures due to time and ill fit. An ill-fitting artificial set of teeth leads to problems with nutrition as the Center for Disease Control confirms. Wearers of problematic dentures consumed fewer fruits and vegetables and more were obese than other types. Wearers of sub-par dentures also develop mouth sores due to rubbing of gums against them. 3D printed dentures are the end to these problems.

3D printed dentures use a digital imaging procedure wherein the measurements of your teeth, which are measured manually by a dentist, are entered and programmed into a computer. The computer then generates a 3D image model of your teeth which is used to print the dentures digitally. 3D printed dentures fit better which results to less slipping, leading to better health. These are one of the newest types of dentures that people are falling in love with.

Instant Mini-Implant Dentures

Another solution to the ill-fitting denture problem is the types that are available. Many dentists recommend implants as the best solution to tooth loss problems. The only problem is that they can be costly. This problem is addressed by one of the latest advances in dentures: instant mini-implant dentures.

One of the Newest Types of Dentures

These are types of false teeth that is directly planted on the embed. This ensures secured dentures at a fraction of the cost. It’s called “instant” as well because these types do not require any surgery. The instant mini-implant dentures simply have metallic button holes on the underside which can clasp on the implant. Instant mini-implant dentures are non-invasive and cause no pain at all.

Naturclasp: New Type of Partial Denture Technology

Wearers of partial dentures often complain of pain from metals used in the dentures. Now, with Naturclasp, patients can finally experience metal-free partial dentures. These new types of dentures use absolutely no metal. So patients won’t have to worry about sores and gum pains anymore.Find the Newest Types and Styles of Dentures Naturclasp dentures have clasps that match the exact color of your teeth, making them complete and aesthetically pleasing.


These latest types of dentures are designed to guarantee maximum comfort for denture wearers. Wearing dentures does not have to be a hassle anymore. With these newest types of dentures, 3D printed dentures and instant mini-implant dentures, denture wearers, won’t have to suffer from dentures that slip and won’t allow them to chew properly. Moreover, with Naturclasp, the new denture technology, denture wearers won’t have to suffer from metal-induced pain anymore.

Consult your dentist now for the latest denture advancements that are available to choose from and enjoy the most hassle-free denture experience you can have.

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