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Dental Calamity? Our Las Vegas Emergency Dental Clinic Is Always Open

For any emergency dental treatment, you need to know where you can go to get help. We are a Las Vegas area dental clinic that offers 24-hour dental emergency assistance.

Knowing what constitutes a dental emergency is as simple as a phone call to our friendly staff. We can tell you whether your symptoms necessitate a visit to your emergency dental clinic or you should get an appointment as soon as possible.

We have the staff necessary to step in and fix your emergency, at the very least temporarily, until a more permanent fix is possible.

What Type of 24-Hour Dental Emergency Services Are Available

What Type of 24-Hour Dental Emergency Services Are Available?

In general, if the loss of a tooth is at stake, bleeding is uncontrollable, or the pain so severe that you can’t stand it, then get into our 24-hour dental emergency clinic as soon as possible.

The problem is, not every dental clinic offers 24-hour dental emergency care. In fact, most don’t. Some dentists may be on-call for some emergencies, some may have later hours on some days, and some hospital emergency rooms offer extreme dental emergency care.

But, our Las Vegas dental facility offers true, 24-hour emergency dental treatment.

We have the best general dentists available for any emergency you might have. Whether it’s a tooth that has been knocked out by accident, a cracked tooth from something you ate, or an abscess that is out of control and causing intense pain, get to our clinic, and we’ll help!

We also offer emergency pediatric dental care and even emergency repair of dentures.

Of course, sometimes it is hard to tell what exactly an emergency is, so as a guide, answer these questions:

Do you experience pain when biting food or grinding your teeth? This could be a sign of an abscess and an emergency. Are you in serious pain? Any swelling of the face or mouth area? Do you have swelling or knots on your gums? Are you bleeding from your gums or in your mouth? Are any of your teeth loose, chipped or cracked? Were you hit in the mouth or face?

Any affirmative answers indicate that there is most likely a need for emergency dental treatment and you should call our office right away.

Damage to Dentures and Other Dental Prosthetics Can Be Emergencies Too

Of course, sometimes you may need special emergency dental treatment, if you are in the middle of procedures with your dentist, such as if you have temporary crowns or fillings. If these get knocked out or fall out, it could expose the nerve of the tooth and also expose the work already done to further damage. If this happens, of course, call your dentist straight away and get dental care as soon as possible.

If you had implants, dentures, bridges, or any other restorative procedures done, damage to these dental prosthetics can be costly and painful, so emergency dental treatment is necessary.

A good rule of thumb when losing either a real tooth or dental prosthetic, locate it immediately and secure it in a container to keep it safe and clean. Bring it with you when you have your next appointment, either at the emergency dental clinic or regular dental office.

We Are Your Las Vegas area 24-hour Dental Emergency Leaders

We Are Your Las Vegas area 24-hour Dental Emergency Leaders

We have a staff of professionals and the facilities to handle any dental emergency you may have.

Our clinic is dedicated to your satisfaction. We offer competitive and affordable rates, and for what your dental insurance (if you have it) doesn’t pay for, we can help arrange payment plans and financing with third-party dental lenders to make sure that you don’t let money decisions get in the way of your smile returning.

So, give us a call, and we’d love to have your trust in us for all of your dental care needs.

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