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What’s the Cost and the Procedure of a Crown for a Tooth?

So your dentist has examined you, and you’ve been told you need a dental crown for a tooth he or she will be working on.

Your dentist will have made this decision if your tooth has broken, been damaged (chipped or cracked), is too weak because of a large filling made possible because of too much decay.

This is a wise decision because you don’t want work done and then have to come back in a short amount of time to have more work done.

A crown for a tooth is a standard procedure to assure that after the procedure, your tooth will be in good shape for a long time.

There are a lot of factors that go into getting a crown for a tooth: what is the dental crown procedure, what type of crown do you need, what does the dental crown cost, and what to do with dental crown pain after the procedure.

What's the Cost and the Procedure of a Crown for a Tooth

What Goes Into a Dental Crown Procedure?

After your initial examination to determine whether you need the dental crown procedure, you’ll most likely be scheduled for a pair of dentists visits.

The first visit is where your dentist will x-ray your tooth and make sure it’s strong enough to support the crown. Your dentist will talk with you about what type of crown you want. Your choices are porcelain, resin, ceramic, and stainless steel. Then the dentist will file down the tooth so that it will fit and use a temp crown for the time being.

An impression is taken and sent to the lab.

At the second visit of the dental crown procedure, the temporary crown is removed, and the permanent crown will be fitted in place. Your dentist will use an adhesive to make sure the crown stays in place permanently.

What Does Getting a Tooth Crown Cost?

Keep in mind when it comes to the tooth crown cost, where you live, and the dental care provider or clinic you choose will determine your actual tooth crown costs. The type of crown also plays heavily in the overall cost.

So we’re using national averages to give you a ballpark idea of what to expect, especially if you have no or little dental insurance. Also, remember that most dental care providers will work with you when it comes to paying for dental procedures.

They have budget-friendly payment options and financing available.

A tooth crown costs on average anywhere from $500-$3,000. The disparity is a cheaper crown is a resin composite while ceramic and porcelain are the pricier varieties, not to mention if you want metals like gold or silver.

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What If You Have Dental Crown Pain After the Procedure?

Dental crown pain after the procedure is possible and could indicate an infection or irritation during the procedure. It also could be because of a root canal that you may have had or an ill-fitting crown.

Nerve pain is common, but again make sure you communicate with your dentist for any dental crown pain that you can’t handle or are worried about.

Contact your dentist immediately for any pain that you are having that your dentist hasn’t told you is normal or beyond the timeframe they gave for when you’d return to normal.

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