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Emergency Tooth Extraction When You Need It

When you need 24-hour emergency dental care like an emergency tooth extraction, you need to know your local affordable Las Vegas dental clinic will be there, stat.

Severe tooth pain from a tooth that needs to be pulled can disrupt your life. So count on us, as our team of experienced and dedicated dental professionals understands the frustration of finding a local emergency dentist. Some dental clinics advertise they’re ready for you in an emergency, but don’t deliver. We do.

We have the experts to perform the job as well as the operating hours to fit into your busy schedule as well as taking into consideration that emergencies can happen at the worst times of the day.

Search for a Local Emergency Dentist That Will Deliver Right Away

Search for a Local Emergency Dentist That Will Deliver Right AwayEmergency tooth extractions are necessary for a variety of reasons. Natural decay or infection or abscess can cause a tooth to need to be pulled, as well as unexpected trauma. And when a tooth needs to be extracted, it’s usually an emergency situation.

That’s where our 24-hour emergency dental care can help.

We can schedule you anytime day or night for the procedure. Our local emergency dentist works in a facility that is designed to operate anytime you have dental concerns that need to be addressed immediately.

The actual tooth extraction procedure is pretty straightforward.

You’ll come into our clinic, and we’ll assess the situation and decide if removal is necessary. We’ll then take x-rays to see what needs to be done. Then, we’ll numb the area by giving you a dental anesthesia so that we can perform the extraction.

Pain will be minimal during the procedure, but there can be some discomfort as we need to pull the tooth and root out of the socket. Once this is accomplished, you will be supplied with a gauze pack to keep in place until the bleeding is under control.

A tip, if you run out of gauze, use a simple tea bag, which can control the bleeding and even help with the pain. It’s important not to eat, drink or smoke until your dentist tells you to do so. Usually a few hours. If there is pain, inflammation or infection, your dentist will prescribe the appropriate medication to make you comfortable.

What About Emergency Tooth Extraction with No Insurance?

Yes, your affordable local emergency dentist in Las Vegas will perform an emergency tooth extraction with no insurance.

We have affordable rates, for one. Another thing is there are payment plans we offer, as well as third-party lenders we work with to make sure you can receive the emergency service you need when you need it.

If you call our office, we can discuss these plans and affordable prices with you, because we understand that most people do not have outstanding dental insurance. And when you have an emergency, you need relief, quickly. We’re here to help.

We’re Here to Help with All Your Dental Care Needs

We're Here to Help with All Your Dental Care NeedsSo for 24-hour emergency dental care, look no further. If you’re on this page, you’ve come to the right place.

Our number is on this page along with other contact details. So do so, and we’ll work with you, anytime, day or night.

So remember, we will work with you even when you need emergency tooth extraction with no insurance. We’ll be happy to assist you with all your dental care needs.

So call us today, you’ll be glad you did.

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