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Fixing Broken Teeth Yourself Is a No-No, Seek out Dental Help

It might be tempting to attempt fixing broken teeth yourself if you were to search the internet and find how-to pages and dental products that claim to be able to accomplish what a professional dental professional can achieve.

This is folly.

There are some things you can do before you get to the dentist to help alleviate pain temporarily and to save the tooth (if possible).

There’s, of course, an over-the-counter pain medication that can provide temporary pain relief, and you can use warm water to rinse out the area and apply a cold compress to the outside of the face of the affected area. If the tooth breaks or chips off, salvage the piece of the tooth if possible and put it in a wet rag or towel or piece of damp gauze.

Beyond that, get to your dentist as soon as possible.

Fixing Broken Teeth Yourself Is a No-No, Seek out Dental Help

Fixing Broken Teeth Emergency

If you find yourself in a fixing broken teeth emergency, keep in mind that if there is extreme pain and/or bleeding, you need to be seen immediately.

Most dental providers have emergency services, and there are also 24-hour dental emergency service clinics in Las Vegas so that an internet search can lead you to them.

Regardless, call your dentist right away, and if they don’t have the ability to have you come in right away (mainly after hours), they will have an answering service where a trained dental professional will advise you on what to do.

With a broken tooth, you could be facing treatment ranging from dental bonding, root canal, a filling or crown placement, and treatment for an infection.

This all depends on the severity of the chip, crack or broken piece. If there’s a chip off, a dental bonding material will be used and adhered with an ultraviolet light to harden into the texture, strength, and shape of the piece of tooth that came off.

If the broken tooth is too severe, then you may be looking at a cap to cover the tooth or the tooth may need a broken tooth extraction and replace with a false tooth or bridge. A broken tooth extraction is where the tooth needs to be removed and replaced with an alternative. A dental implant is another option for broken tooth extraction.

Broken Tooth Repair Cost, Varies Depending on Severity

The broken tooth repair cost will vary depending on the severity of the problem. A simple cosmetic repair where dental bonding is used can run from $100-$250. If you get into needing a crown or cap or bridge you could be looking at between $830-$1,150. Of course, if the damage involves the inner parts of the tooth and a root canal is necessary or extraction, then the cost can run from $1,500-$2,000.

Search for the Best Dentist in Las Vegas for Fixing Broken Teeth

Fixing Broken TeethThe wise choice, when faced with fixing broken teeth, is to seek the best dental provider in Las Vegas.

You can find a company, like ours, that offers the best dental services, even emergency dental services, and are affordable.

We take patients with and without insurance and have affordable payment options, including dental credit options to fit any budget.

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