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How Do U Know If U Need a Root Canal?

How do u know if u need a root canal? Honestly? If you’re asking this question, most likely if not a root canal, you need immediate dental care treatment.

Still, it’s a fair question, and we’ll answer questions such as what is a root canal, what are some root canal symptoms, what are root canal infection symptoms which can lead to the necessity of emergency dental care.

In the Las Vegas area, you should seek out the best dental care provider you can find, because an examination and x-ray are generally required to make a diagnosis of whether or not you need a root canal. We can still provide you with some general information.

How Do U Know If U Need a Root Canal

What Is a Root Canal?

What is a root canal? It’s a dental procedure necessary for the repair (and to save) a tooth which has become infected or severely decayed. The infected or damaged part of the tooth is the pulp and nerve. These need to be removed.

The pulp and nerve area is soft, and when it becomes infected, the dental procedure necessary is called a root canal. The dentist will use a drill specially designed to remove the infected area leaving a hole in the tooth.

This area is replaced with a dental filling material which is usually the color of the tooth, but sometimes, a crown or cap is needed.

Left untreated, this infected area can lead to serious complications and the potential loss of the tooth.

What Are Some Root Canal Causes and Root Canal Symptoms?

Allowing your teeth to become decayed of a tooth left untreated is one of the root canal causes of this type of dental problem. Injury to the tooth such as a chip, crack, or broken tooth, again, left untreated, can also cause an infection. The bacterial infection can cause severe pain and discomfort because of the inflammation.

Root canal symptoms include sensitivity to hot or cold, pain while chewing or pressure, pain in the socket and even in the jaw, which can make the entire area tender because of the swelling. It can also cause the teeth to turn dark or discoloration.

Extreme cases can cause an abscess, which is a build up of debris and decay-causing a pus-filled pocket deep at the bottom of the root. So these root canal causes and root canal symptoms can lead to the necessity for the removal of the tooth.

how do u know if u need a root canal

Do You Need a Root Canal? We’re Here When You Need Us

Always remember, every doctor takes an oath to “do no harm.” And our dentists adhere to this philosophy. And we, as a practice, also will work diligently to help if you have little or no insurance, or just don’t have enough money for your procedures.

We can provide affordable payment options, including dental care financing, which is budget-friendly for patients of all income levels.

So if you’re asking questions such as: what is a root canal”, “what are root canal causes,” “what are root canal symptoms,” and “how do u know if u need a root canal,” you need help. So give us a call today, and we’ll get you in for an appointment straight away.

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