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How Much Does a Filling Cost Without Insurance?

Sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweet foods and tooth pain are warning signs that you have tooth decay or tooth cavity.

Many people seek the cheapest option or avoid the dentist entirely. To avoid these two impulses, there are other options such as filling.

So, How Much Does a Filling Cost Without Insurance? You can pay any amount between $100 and $1,000.

Below are factors affecting tooth-filling costs that consequently lead to this wide disparity on what you have to pay if you lack dental insurance.

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Cavity Location and Size

It will not come as a surprise that it takes more time and material to rebuild most of a tooth that has lost extensive surface area to decay and fractures. This compares poorly to filling one that only needs to have a small cavity filled.

Cavities normally cost more if they are harder to reach, bigger, and if they are on teeth that had earlier damages repaired.

In other words, how much it would cost you to have your tooth filled without insurance cover will depend on where the tooth cavity is located in your mouth and the size of the cavity.

Should you be unsure about the extent of your tooth cavity, visiting your dentist is crucial. You need to find out the extent of the damage as soon as possible.

There is also nothing wrong in asking for an estimate prior to tooth restoration.

Filling Material Type

Tooth-filling materials come in various forms. Some dentists will use safer and better materials than others, and those will cost you more.

There are generally two types of tooth filling materials. The first one is amalgam fillings that are made of the metals copper, tin, silver, and mercury. The second type is composite fillings that are made of synthetic resin.

Amalgam fillings tend to be cheaper with some dentists using them to restore teeth for about $100. Settling for this may not be wise because dentists are increasingly abandoning amalgam since it contains mercury.
Mercury is a known poison and is toxic when it gets into your body. In addition, amalgam fillings have a tendency to cause structural damage to the other teeth. To avoid this, one thing you should do is to carefully pick your dentist and ask about the material s/he uses.

Pick a Good Dentist

Proficient dental care practitioners use high quality, BPA free, resin composite tooth fillings. These contain safe materials only, which reduces future medical costs. These also create much more natural tooth looks.

A proficient dentist will also replace your old mercury teeth fillings with new composite re-fills. The differences these make are immediately discernable.

Left too long, the regular filling will not restore your infected tooth. Depending on the damage, the remedy might come in the form of a veneer, an on lay, or a crown. These cost much more than routine fillings.

 Factors That Influencing Tooth Filling Costs Without Insurance

Learn All You Can

If you are experiencing painful teeth challenges, you are rightfully worried about treatment costs. You, however, need not avoid a good dentist when you have a toothache, and you do not have dental insurance.

Understanding the above factors determining tooth refill costs will help you save even higher costs in future.

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