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How Much Is a Tooth Extraction Without Insurance?

Need a tooth pulled? No insurance? No Money?

If you’re asking those questions and you need to know how much is a tooth extraction without insurance, then you need a critical dental procedure performed yet finances are most likely keeping you from it.

And if you need a dental extraction, then you are also probably dealing with pain and discomfort which is keeping you from eating properly and just turning your life upside down.

Don’t put this off any longer. Some options can help you get the dental work you desperately need and not bust your budget.

So do you need a tooth pulled? No insurance? No money?

If you answered yes to any of those previous three questions, read on.

How Much Is a Tooth Extraction Without Insurance

What’s a Tooth Extraction Procedure Entail and the Cost of a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction procedure is necessary when your tooth is too damaged to remain in the socket necessitating its removal.

Primarily there are two different types of tooth extraction procedures; the simple extraction and a surgical one.

If your tooth is damaged (broken or cracked) or decayed, if your dentist can’t repair it and recommends extraction, the simple extraction involves local anesthetic, and the use of tools like forceps and an elevator to remove it.

If surgical extraction is called for, an oral surgeon will perform the tooth extraction procedure by making a small incision in the gums and surgically remove the tooth. A local anesthetic is most likely used, although the more difficult the procedure may call for a different type of anesthesia.

As for the cost of a tooth extraction, it varies depending on where you live and the dental care provider you are using.

But the national average for a simple extraction can range from $75-$300. For a surgical tooth extraction, you’ll look to pay from $150-$650. If there are added complications that cost can average around $185-$600.

One final point on the cost of a tooth extraction, each state, county, and larger cities, usually have free dental care available for folks who can’t afford to pay or has no insurance.

You will need to do some research, and the internet can be a boon of information. So a simple web browser search for “free dental care near me” or something like that can provide you with potential options.

How Much Is a Tooth Extraction Without Insurance

Where’s the Cheapest Place to Get a Tooth Pulled in Las Vegas?

Do you need to know the cheapest place to get a tooth pulled in Las Vegas? No worries, we can help.

If you live in the Las Vegas area or one of our many visitors and need a tooth extraction procedure, don’t have much money, or have little or no dental insurance, don’t worry.

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