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How Much Is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Without Insurance?

What are wisdom teeth and why do they take out wisdom teeth as we age? And while we’re at it, how much is a wisdom tooth extraction without insurance?

These are important questions that your dental care provider can answer more thoroughly, but we’ll cover brief, basic points for you to provide an understanding so you’ll have a working knowledge of wisdom teeth and how their existence and removal impact your overall oral health.

To answer the question how much is a wisdom tooth extraction without insurance, the cost varies depending on a couple of variables. One is where you live in the country, and the other is the dental care professional performing the procedure.

The following prices are national averages without insurance: for one wisdom tooth removal with local anesthetic, the price range is $75-$200. For a full set of four wisdom teeth, that price range is $300-$800.

So continue reading and remember you can do further research with the help of your favorite internet web browser or just ask your dental care professional.

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What Are Wisdom Teeth and Why Do They Take out Wisdom Teeth as We Age?

What are wisdom teeth?

Simply put, wisdom teeth are a third (and last) set of molars. Most folks get their wisdom teeth in their late teenage years (sometimes later, early 20s).

Why do they take out wisdom teeth?

Well for some people, their wisdom teeth come in correctly and cause no problems, so they are useful. But for others, the third set of molars come in misaligned and this cause problem like pain and discomfort, so your dentist will recommend their removal.

And since there are four of them (generally), if they come in misaligned, that’s four sets of problems. Some people only have issues with one of them, but for many, all of them are issues that need to be addressed.

A dentist will perform an examination of your teeth to see if they need to be removed as well as take X-rays. The procedure itself is an extraction where they pull the tooth (or set of four).

What Is the Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Time?

After the procedure, you might be wondering about the wisdom teeth removal recovery time. The worst of it will most likely last three to four days, but it might be up to a week or more before you feel your mouth is back to normal.

As for what to expect, you’ll likely experience discomfort, pain, and some bleeding at the site of the extraction. Your dentist may prescribe pain medication and an antibiotic (to stave off infection).

You will be told to keep away from hot or cold beverages, alcohol, solid foods, and coffee for three to four days following the procedure. The reason is the socket needs to heal, and you won’t want to do anything to open the socket up again once it begins to recover.

How Much Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Without Insurance

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