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How Much to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

People sometimes deem wisdom tooth removal unnecessary, especially if there is no pain or discomfort involved and it doesn’t affect other teeth. However, it becomes necessary due to pain, jaw damages, gum inflammation, tooth decay, or other problems.

Removing wisdom teeth is scary enough even before the price of the simple procedure is mentioned. There are different tooth extraction methods with each having different costs.

However, there are other preparation and post removal procedures that also influence the overall cost. Your dentist will examine your teeth to determine whether you need wisdom teeth removal. This is where the costs begin.

remove all wisdom teeth at the same time

Removing a Single Tooth


Many people prefer to have all the wisdom teeth removed at once instead of having to remove them one by one.

Removing a single tooth will cost between $75 and $900, but you can have dental professionals offer you a package when you remove all wisdom teeth at the same time. This will significantly lower the price per tooth.

Removing all wisdom teeth at the same time might cost you between $300 and $3000 which is way cheaper than having to remove a single tooth. This lowers the cost of the entire procedure significantly.

The state of the tooth and thus the method used are also major influencers of the price. For instance, whether the wisdom teeth are impacted and how severely so will definitely affect the price charged.

This is because an impacted tooth has not erupted through the gums completely which makes them challenging to extract.


Price By Extraction Method


When teeth to be removed are fully erupted, normally positioned, and have simple molar roots, simple extractions occur.

The cost of removing such a tooth might fall between $75 and $200. In some dental clinics, removing all normal wisdom teeth will cost you between $300 and $800 for simple extractions.

Other factors such as x-rays, anesthesia, and simple examinations will also determine the cost of the procedure.

Simple extractions are the simplest, and you should consider yourself lucky if your extraction process is a simple one. Other procedures are considered surgical.

If the teeth are still encased inside the gum, their removal will be a bit more costly; falling between $225 and $400 for a single tooth and between $800 and $1500 for all wisdom teeth.

The procedure is referred to as soft tissue extraction where the gum is slightly cut to allow access to the teeth.


Surgical Extraction By Bony Impaction


If you have bony impacted wisdom teeth, you will pay more than other people. In such a case, a simple removal procedure or removal through soft tissue extraction will not do.

Removal of such a tooth requires more complicated procedures and specialized tools thus attracting a higher cost.

Removing a single tooth with bone impact will cost between $275 and $500, but some health facilities will charge as much as $900. To remove all bone impacted wisdom teeth, you will likely pay between $1000 and $1800, but the cost might go up to $3000.

soft tissue extraction

Other Costs


Other costs influence the overall cost of wisdom teeth removals such as the initial exam which might cost between $25 and $25 and x-ray which might cost between $25 and $250.

Anesthesia can also inflate prices by up to $300 more. If you need to remove a wisdom tooth, the exact cost will be determined after a thorough initial examination.

Learn more about wisdom teeth removal cost to estimate how much it might cost.

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