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Tooth You Need For a Crown

How much tooth do you need for a crown? Only a dentist has the experience, skills, and training needed to evaluate and determine whether enough tooth is remaining in place for a crown.

Here, the issue is not the actual amount of tooth left but the tooth structure remaining to support or retain the crown the dentist is about to fit.

For a start, the dentist could take you through crown lengthening procedure, to ensure there is enough structure to support it. They may also recommend root canal, post, and core.

Below are other considerations to remember before the procedure.

Tooth You Need For a Crown

When Does Your Tooth Need A Crown?

First, you have to undergo an in-depth examination by a dentist to determine whether a crown is necessary.

Old filling or decay are capable of causing roughly 50% of the usually solid and healthy tooth structure to disappear. In such circumstances, the dentist would not hesitate to advise you to pay for the fitting of a crown.

If you were insured, the insurance firm would most probably advise you to go for yet another filling instead of getting a crown or another better dental implant procedure.

In such cases, it is better to listen to the dentist rather than believe the recommendation the insurance firm is making. Since you’re not insured, you have the freedom to choose the procedure you want.

Can Your Tooth Be Too Tiny For A Crown?

As previously stated, the main issue the dentist will consider is tooth structure rather than the actual size.

Dentists who consider the tooth too small will always recommend the tooth lengthening procedure to help in fitting the crown.

Nevertheless, this does not indicate that the size of the tooth does not matter; hence, the reason the dentists have to examine patients first before recommending any operation.

At times they may recommend a completely different dental implant procedure.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the dentist is qualified enough to know what to do about the issue of lack of adequate tooth structure.

Reasons for Getting Dental Crown

There are justifiable reasons for getting a dental crown. First, weakened tooth need a bit of protection and covering, especially if they have suffered the brunt of extensive decaying.

Some sections of the tooth may have cracked hence requiring a bit of stabilizing.

In such a situation, a dental crown would work wonders for you and leave you with stunning teeth compared to any other dental procedure.

Obviously, the doctor would examine and answer any question you have – including how much tooth do you need for a crown.

Here Is How Much Tooth You Need For a Crown

What Type Of Dental Crown Do You Need?

There are different types of dental crown you can get. Some of the common crown types to choose from are ceramic, gold alloys, base metal alloys, or porcelain-fused to metal.

Some patients opt for post crown long after getting the traditional crown.

Post crown is highly recommended where a major portion of the tooth structure has disappeared thus rendering traditional dental crown a waste of time and money.

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