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How To Find the Best Family Dental Care and Sedation Clinic

Are you often afraid of going to the dentist? Painless Dental ProcedureWould you personally rather stay at home than go to your dentist? Does tooth decay sound like an OK option oppose to stepping into a family dental care and sedation clinic?

This fear causes many people to never go to the dentist. This severe dentistry fear will cause you poor oral health if you let it keep you from regular checkups. If you already have an existing dental condition, it will only start to get worse and then you will really not want to go to the dentist.

Finally, there is now a family dental care and sedation dentistry clinic for everyone, even those who are afraid. A family dental office provides a relaxing dental care atmosphere to patients who are afraid of getting regular checkups or care. So let’s dive a little deeper into what this solution actually is.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

  • Sedation dentistry utilizes several forms of anesthesia or sedatives for different surgeries and procedures in order to calm the patient.
  • Sedatives are depressants that affect the consciousness of the central nervous system which makes the patient feel relaxed and less conscious. This is why sedative dentistry is sometimes called “sleep dentistry.”

If you or somebody in your family needs dental treatment but is afraid, then it is highly recommended that you go to a family dental care and sedation clinic.

As stated previously, sedation dentistry offers different levels of sedation that can be applied to patients. These levels are:

1. Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Minimal)

Minimal sedation is used for shorter or relatively easier dental treatments such as teeth cleaning. Nitrous oxide, or commonly referred to as laughing gas, is used with a breathing mask and is given to the patient to make them feel calm while the treatment is being done.

Patients who are afraid of this type of family dental care or even fear minor procedures can have minimal sedation to help them get the treatment they need. After the treatment, they can simply go home normally with someone to drive them home.

2. Oral Sedation (moderate)

Dentist Taking Care of Patient's_TeethThis type of dental sedation is used for patients who are anxious about the dental procedure but do not necessarily have extreme fear or phobia of it.

You, as the patient, will be taking a sedative in the form of a pill about an hour before your dental procedure. By then, you will remain awake, but you will now feel relaxed. The pill will give you an illusion that only a few minutes have passed during longer periods of time. Also, you may not remember much about what happened during the procedure.

The oral sedation is used typically for procedures that take hours like dental implants or implanting crowns. It may take some several hours after the procedure for the patient to fully recover from the sedative. It is strongly advised that if you are getting this sedative as an option, that you have someone to drive you home when the surgery is done.

3. Intravenous Sedation (deep)

In this type of dental sedation, the anesthesiologist injects an intravenous line into the patient which contains a variety of medications. This way, the patient goes through several different levels of sleep throughout the procedure. Other medications are also added for relaxing the muscles, reducing the production of saliva, and managing pain.

The IV sedation is used for more complex procedures that take longer time. It will often take a whole day or even overnight for the patient to fully recover from this sedative. If your dentist recommends this type of sedation dentistry, you will need to have someone with you before and after your visit.

4. General Anesthesia

The general anesthesia will put the patient into a deep sleep. This means that you will be totally and completely unconscious for the entire period of your dental procedure. This isn’t as common, but when there are other factors involved, the general anesthesia might be used for a safe and secure dental procedure.


Don’t let your fear of the dentist stop you from getting your teeth or gums fixed. Sedation dentistry provides you with the proper dental treatment that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Contact us today if you require assistance with sedation dentistry.

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