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Kids Dentist | What You Need to Know

Pediatric Dental Care for Kids Oral Health

Taking care of your children’s teeth is vital while they are in their prime of growth and development. Proper oral hygiene starts as early as infancy. Great health ensures healthy gums and teeth for your kids from an early age. Doing so means protecting your child’s health which lasts them a lifetime. So, what kind of dentist is right for your children?

Is a kids dentist that important for your children?

What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

Just like any other field of medicine, dentistry requires age based specialists. To become a kids dentist they attended two to three more years of training after regular dental school. They are trained to take care of children’s oral needs specifically. Unlike the regular dentist, they are skilled in dealing with children by integrating some child’s play, story-telling, or singing to make them comfortable quickly.

Pediatric dentists can take care and treat children from infancy till they reach past adolescence. Typically pediatric dentists can take care of kids with special needs till after they reach past 19 years old. They know the dental history of the children they handle.

Parents choose to have their kids checked up by the pediatric dentist because some general dentist are not comfortable with working on children. Typically children with special needs are better left to the care of kids dentists.

What Health Benefits Can a Pediatric Dental Care Provide?

Pediatric dentists focus on prevention and treatment of children. In the process, they educate the parents on the proper way of training their kids to brush and floss. Things like how to properly brush, floss and clean the teeth of infants. When children reach the age where they have developed motor skills, they are taught the right way of brushing and flossing their teeth.

Another topic which will be explained well by your pediatric dental care physician is the type of foods you should give your kids. Generally, parents should go slow on giving foods rich in sugar and starch. Children should be trained to eat mindfully like adults.

It’s essential that they take care of their teeth during their formative years. Typically if their primary teeth have cavities, their permanent teeth will eventually start to decay as well.

The Dental Elf Helps Children Calm Down at the Dentist

Is Pediatric Dental Coverage Mandatory?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires the federal and state-run health insurance markets to offer affordable pediatric dental care. The coverage depends on the state where you live in. Typically dental plans cover all cost for preventive care. Orthodontics are allowed if upon evaluation by the pediatric dentist thinks it is medically required, however the full amount will not be covered.

You can get your children’s dental coverage by three ways:

1. Through your employer. If a parent has family health insurance availed through an employer, he/she must talk to the company’s representative. Typically the Human Resource department is a great place to start availing of pediatric dental care.

2. Through Health Insurance Exchange. The health insurance markets are mandated to offer pediatric dental care either integrated into the health plan or as a stand-alone plan.

3. Pediatric dental coverage can be acquired through the Children’s Health Insurance Program. This program provides free or low-cost medical-dental coverage for parents whose income doesn’t qualify at a certain range.


Choose the best option for your children that by visiting a pediatric dentist periodically to ensure healthy teeth until they reach adulthood. There are options on how to go about pediatric dental care through health insurance, so select the option which works for you.

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