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Know How Much Implant Teeth Costs Before Deciding

Dental implants are a complicated and customized cosmetic dentistry procedure that can be the most permanent solution to replacing missing teeth.

This is a dental procedure where you need to do your homework and ask questions.

Some pertinent and relevant questions are how much implant teeth cost, single tooth implant cost, and what’s the benefits of a tooth implant vs. a bridge.

So let’s explore these and other questions.

Know How Much Implant Teeth Cost Before Making Decision

Tooth Implant vs. Bridge, What’s the Difference?

When it comes to procedures involving tooth replacement, the dental professional has come along way in the past 30-40 years.

A bridge used to be a person with missing teeth’s only cosmetic option.

But now, the question of a tooth implant vs. bridge is relevant. Of course, implants do cost a lot more, but while the lifetime of a bridge is limited (about ten years), dental implants are a relatively permanent solution for those unsightly missing teeth.

The cost aspect of tooth implant vs. bridge is again something to be examined. While a bridge may cost less at the time of the procedure, depending on your age when you have a bridge placed, you may have to pay several times to have them replaced.

And a single tooth implant cost is a one time deal.

The dental bridge procedure is less invasive, and you’ll likely just have 2-3 visits, at most. A tooth implant is a much more involved process. There may be a bone graft involved, and you’ll need to have titanium cylinder inserted and fused to your jawbone. Then the crown is attached.

Nowadays Affordable Dental Implants Are Possible

A single tooth implant can cost anywhere from $3,000-$4,500. Of course, the cost varies because of so many variables such as whether bone grafts are needed to strengthen the jaw bone and whether or not you need more than one tooth implant.

Besides, there may need to be extractions done for teeth that require it and soft tissue treatment to make sure the area is prime for the dental implant procedure.

But since you’ll be virtually replacing a missing tooth with a near permanent replacement, this makes affordable dental implants possible.

Of course, you may be wondering how much time does it take to have a single tooth implant or several implants?

That question is dependant on your dental health as multiple appointments that can span several months to over a year if you require any bone augmentation, soft tissue treatments or extractions.

How quickly you heal from these procedures plays into the time frame as well as the cost, the more procedures, the higher the cost.

Concerns about the dental implant procedure are rare, but complications can occur as with any medical procedure. Your general health and dental condition are factors as are medications you take, whether you smoke, etc.

Risks include infections, nerve damage, damage to other things like tooth roots, other teeth and sinus issues and fractures, particularly to the jawbone.

Interested? Have Questions? Call Your Affordable Las Vegas Dental Clinic

Interested? Have Questions? Call Your Affordable Las Vegas Dental Clinic

If you need to know more about how much implant teeth cost or any other questions or concerns, contact this office and ask one of our knowledgeable and friendly associates.

You can also schedule an appointment, and one of our dentists will be glad to discuss anything in regards to dental implants.

If you have dental insurance — although most insurance won’t pay for cosmetic procedures — we can help you file forms to see what they will cover. We also have affordable payment plans and access to a third-party dental lender for budget-friendly financing.

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