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When Should You Run to the Nearest 24 Hour Emergency Dentist?

If one night, your tooth aches out of a sudden, an ache so severe you’re near to tears, what would you do? Would you wait for it to stop, sleep through it, or call a dentist right away?

For most us, dental care takes a backseat during our busy lives. However, when problems with your teeth disturb you in the dead of night, know that you need to go to the nearest 24 hour emergency dentist asap.

Find the Nearest 24 Hour Emergency Dentist

What are Signs that You Need a 24/7 Dental Emergency Care?

Some people fail to address their emergency dental problems simply because they do not know when to get 24/7 dental emergency care. Here are some signs that you need an urgent dental care:

– Painful swelling of gums
– Injured jaw
– Severe toothache
– A knocked out permanent tooth
– Non-stop bleeding
– Drainage from the tooth
– Pain radiating through the jaw

If any of these signs do not stop after a while, it’s time to contact the nearest emergency dentist. Even a toothache should not be ignored. Instead of toughing it out, contact a dentist right away.

A Severe toothache could wreak havoc to your other internal body processes, affecting your respiratory and even cardiovascular systems and endangering your life in the process. The worst part is these advanced health complications could have been easily prevented with a simple trip to the nearest emergency dentist.

Should You Go to the Hospital or the Nearest Emergency Dentist?

A 24 Hour Emergency Dentist is There for YouSome people, in the event of an intense toothache, are left second guessing whether to go to an emergency room or the nearest emergency dentist.

What you need to know is that hospitals do not always have a resident dentist available. So when you go into an emergency room in the middle of the night, there’s no guarantee that a qualified dentist will be able to attend to you.

For dental emergencies, it is highly recommended to go to the nearest emergency dentist. A 24 hour emergency dentist is always on-call and ready to assist you in your times of need. You’re confident that a qualified dentist will inspect your teeth problem and provide solutions with knowledge and expertise.

Need Major Dental Work with No Insurance? Your 24 Hour Emergency Dentist May Help You

For those without dental insurance, checking into a 24/7 dental emergency care clinic is the last option because of the fear of sky-high dental care costs. Don’t let money get in the way of getting timely dental care that can potentially save your life.

Some 24/7 dental emergency care offices offer other payment methods for those who need major dental work with no insurance. Some offer installment plans, credit card payments, and dental loans to help patients get the care they need.


When you experience severe teeth discomfort, call an emergency dentist to set up an appointment. Never ignore serious tooth problems for any excuse. Seek expert medical advice as soon as you can to save your life and keep the problem from escalating. Make sure that when it comes to your overall health, you play it safe always.

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