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When Do You Need Emergency Dental Urgent Care?

Do you need emergency dental care? Dental emergencies are any injury in the mouth that may cause teeth fracture, extreme bleeding of the gums, or any conditions that may require emergency dental urgent care.

Emergency Dental Care for Urgent Problems

Maybe you are out having a fun evening with your friends or relatives when suddenly, you bite into a piece of food that doesn’t agree with your teeth. If your tooth may have been broken or you jaw might be dislodged for any number of reasons, then you need urgent care. In emergency situations like this, an emergency dental clinic or dentist is needed.

However, not all dental clinics and dentists are available 24 hours. What if your accident happens in the evening and you or any person you know needs the help of emergency dental urgent care professionals?

That’s when you have to look for a dental urgent care clinic near you.

Some dental accidents and conditions, though, may not be too severe or can be handled the day after. If you or somebody you know has a dental accident, check first if it requires the need of a dental urgent care.

Signs That You Need to Go to an Emergency Dentist:

Find the Best Emergency Dental Urgent Care Near You

1. Constant Tooth Pain

Some tooth pain can be manageable and need to be treated on weekends when you don’t have work. However, if you are constantly experiencing severe tooth pains every day and pain reliever doesn’t help anymore, then urgent dental care is needed. You might need an urgent root canal or any other dental procedures and the dentists at these clinics can help you.

2. Lost Tooth

If the permanent tooth is accidentally lost because of a fall, sports injury, or any other traumatic events, go to an emergency dental urgent care clinic right away. It is important to see the dentist immediately because they may find ways to still save and preserve your natural teeth. If your tooth falls out, grab it, wash it, then go to the emergency dentist immediately.

3. Cracked or Broken Teeth

You may have eaten a too hot of food followed by a too cold beverage, which can cause your teeth to crack. Maybe your old tooth fillings was damaged by hard food or candy that you chewed that cracked your teeth. Especially if there are signs of tooth decay, you need to go to an urgent dental clinic to have it fixed before the condition of your teeth gets worse. You don’t want to risk that you might end up totally losing your natural teeth.

4. Constant Headaches

Some headaches may be an effect of tooth related problems. If you experience constant headaches and if you notice that there might be something wrong with your teeth, seek for emergency dental care. The tooth decay may be inside the tooth, and you need an emergency root canal. Maybe your wisdom tooth did not grow in the direction that it should, and you need an urgent tooth extraction.

Need an Emergency Dental Urgent Care


With severe dental conditions, don’t wait for dental office hours. Contact an emergency dental urgent care near you and have your dental condition treated immediately to preserve your natural teeth and keep a great and healthy smile.

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