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Rid Yourself of Dental Anxieties with Painless Dentistry Sedation Dental Center

A trip to the dentist does not have to cause unease, pain or anxiety and working with your dentist toward proper dental health does not have to be problematic.

That is what painless dentistry is for.

There are so many factors that keep dental patients from seeing, or putting off seeing, their dentist. One of which is the notion that being treated by a dentist causes pain.

Although advancements in the field of dentistry have already created ways to bring more comfort to patients, some procedures will still cause patients some pain or discomfort. This can cause them to make excuses not to visit their dentist regularly.

However, there are new strategies which will make your dental visits much more relaxed in the form of painless dentistry. So if it is dental anxieties that are keeping you from consulting with your dentist, then painless dentistry may be the answer.

sedation dentistry

What Is Painless Dentistry or Sedation Dentistry?

Painless dentistry is also called sedation dentistry. Which basically means the methods used will prevent as much pain and anxiety as possible during dental procedures and treatmentsPainless dentistry or sedation dentistry will employ safe and mild methods to keep the patient calm or sedated before and during any dental procedures or treatments which will be performed.

This is a new approach in dentistry where you will not only be relieved of any forms of anxieties but it will also anesthetize the affected areas your dentist will be working on.

By the time the sedation wears off, the dental procedures or treatments will be over and done.

There are different degrees of sedation dentistry and they are as follows

Minimal sedation. This is very mild in that you will remain conscious during the procedure, feeling truly calm and at ease.

Moderate sedation: You will still be awake although not completely aware of your surroundings, especially about the dental procedures or treatments being performed on you by your dentist.

Deep sedation: As the name suggests, you will remain awake with minimal awareness of what is happening to you.

General anesthesia: You will be totally unconscious.

How Is Painless Dentistry or Sedation Dentistry Administered?

Painless Dentistry

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas: This is perhaps the most commonly utilized method in sedation dentistry where you will be asked to inhale nitrous oxide or laughing gas through a breathing mask. This is very safe and your dentist will control the amount of sedation which you will breathe in. The effects of the nitrous oxide tend to wear off quickly, so the patient will return to normal after the dental procedure is done.

Oral sedation: A pill is taken orally to numb the sensations of the patient. The strength of the tablet varies. You may tend to feel groggy while under the effects, and you may fall asleep during the process.

Intravenous (IV) sedation: The sedative is directly injected into the vein to rid you of dental anxieties. This will allow for a deeper form of sedation. Despite remaining awake, you will be less consciousness during the procedure. IV sedation will require some recovery time before leaving the dental office.

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