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The Importance of Dental Porcelain Veneers

Do you have discolored teeth? How about a chip? No matter what your teeth may have wrong with them, dental porcelain veneers are proven to be able to help you have a beautiful, shining smile. Dental veneers are usually made of porcelain and are thin strips of material shaped to your tooth to cover the front and fix the appearance of discoloration, misalignment, or any other crack or chip your tooth might have. While you can make them out of resin as well, a benefit to going with porcelain is the fact that porcelain resists stains and wear more than their resin counterparts.

How Do I Get A Dental Veneer

Why Should I Get A Dental Porcelain Veneer?

Unless you were born with amazing teeth and have kept up on them through your life, you most likely have some cosmetic problems with your teeth. Whether you have discolored teeth from lack of brushing or smoking, or you have a chip, crack, or other types of wear and tear or misalignment of your teeth that cause your smile to look a little less than perfect, a dental veneer can help you overcome your misfortune and lead you on the path to a brighter and better smile.

How Do I Get A Dental Veneer?

Why Should I Get A Dental Porcelain VeneerThe first step is always to consult your dental hygienist. Schedule an appointment to consult with them about if you could benefit from having a porcelain veneer or two put in place on your teeth. During the consultation, you can discuss the goals you have for the veneers, and the dentist can take a look at your teeth and figure out if veneers are right for you. They might also make some impressions of your teeth or take an X-Ray during this process as well, to best figure out the affect the veneer will have on you.

The second step will be on a second visit to the dentist, where the dentist will potentially use an anesthetic to numb the area, then they will shave off around 1/2 millimeter of the tooth enamel. This is approximately the size that the new porcelain veneer will be. Next, an impression or model of the tooth will be made to be sent to the laboratory so they can create the veneer that will be attached to your tooth. If your tooth needs to be covered during the time between this visit and the next, a temporary veneer will be applied to your tooth.

Lastly, you will come in for a third and final visit where they bond the veneer to your tooth. First, the dentist will examine the new veneer against your tooth and make minor adjustments as needed, then they will clean, polish, and etch your tooth to create the rough layer that the dental cement will adhere best to. Once they apply the cement, they fit on the veneer then use a bright light tool to solidify the cement, then they will clean up the excess cement, check your bite, and send you on your way.

As you can see, dental veneers are very helpful when it comes to revolutionizing your smile, so speak to your dentist to see if a dental porcelain veneer is right for you.

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