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Check out These Same Day Dental Services in Las Vegas

There are a couple of same day dental services you can try in Las Vegas.

Same day services may involve simple dental procedures or treatments and general oral health consultation.

Let us discuss them more in the following sections.

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General Consultations

The dentists at Affordable Dental Las Vegas are always available to provide you with professional opinions and a detailed diagnosis of your oral health and dental state and conditions.

On the day of your consultation, which occurs via an earlier scheduled appointment or walk-in appointment, these dental experts will give you suggestions and recommendations on the right procedures or treatments that are appropriate for your dental needs, whether they are for emergency or aesthetic needs. These recommendations will include various options for treatment. Our dentists can give you recommendations as part of our same-day dental hygiene or general services

Dental Hygiene Services

Our group of dental hygienists in Las Vegas are an excellent choice for treatments and procedures which will help you achieve or maintain great dental health.

During your appointment for dental hygiene services, you can expect to get a total oral health screening which will include an examination of your teeth and gums and their appearance and proper dental functioning.

Part of our dental hygiene services at Affordable Dental Las Vegas is an in-office cleaning procedure, which is also called dental prophylaxis, where our dental experts will thoroughly inspect and clean your teeth and gums, including the removal of excess debris, stains and various dental deposits.

During the dental prophylaxis they will examine which teeth need same-day dental services or treatments such as dental fillings or sealants to minor or shallow hollows in your teeth. This will help prevent further decay. A fluoride treatment may also be performed for strengthening the teeth after thorough polishing with dental prophylaxis.

Dental Fillings

Another same-day dental hygiene service is the placement or adherence of dental fillings.

Dental fillings are used on teeth which are fractured or damaged with minor hollows or cracks which can lead to further decay if not remedied or treated.

Your affected teeth will be cleansed and drilled before the placement of the appropriate dental filling material.

After years of advancements in dental technologies and equipment, it is not only dental equipment and tools which have improved or been enhanced but also the actual solutions, like advanced procedures, which are used such as whitening gels and pastes, and of course, dental fillings.

While dental fillings have primarily been used over the past 150 years with a silver amalgam (a combination or mixture of safe metals), these days you can choose tooth-colored dental fillings such as a resin or compacted plastic. They are designed for a more improved aesthetic appearance and are much more durable. Other types of materials are gold, porcelain, ceramics as well as other combinations of metal alloys.

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Same Day Dental Services: The “Affordable Dental Las Vegas” Advantage

If you have dental issues or concerns, please do not hesitate and call us and make an appointment for a consultation at our offices in Las Vegas. We offer same-day dental services without sacrificing on procedures or rushing through the processes. Instead, we perform our services with the utmost care, meticulousness and efficiency. As always, our primary concern is to give you back your smile and to assure complete dental health.

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