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Replace Your Natural Teeth Fast with Same Day Dentures

If you have a broken tooth, or if you need to have your tooth removed but need a replacement right away, you can go to a dentist near your place and get same day dentures.

Find the Best Same Day Dentures

Is It Possible to Get Dentures in a Day?

Yes, it is possible. If your teeth are broken and need to be permanently removed, dental clinics now offer immediate dentures you can receive the same day you go to the clinic.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are false teeth, both complete or partial, that are made on the same day and can be worn immediately right after removing the natural teeth.

What Is the Difference Between Same Day Dentures and Conventional Dentures?

The first obvious difference is that immediate dentures can be made right away after your tooth extraction. Conventional dentures have to be waited on for about 2 weeks to a month to be ready. Why does this happen?

Conventional dentures vs. ones that are available on the same day are mainly affected by how your denture is fitted.

Same Day Dentures Are Incredible for Convenience

Conventional Design

The conventional dentures are molded several weeks after your teeth are removed when your teeth and gums have completed their total healing process. You may be left toothless for a month, but you are more likely to have ones that will fit well.

Immediate Design

An immediate denture, on the other hand, are molded right after your teeth removal, before your gums even start their healing process. Same day types give you the convenience of receiving your teeth replacement right away. This means not having to worry about hiding your toothless smile. Although, it may not fit perfectly, and after weeks or months, you’ll need to go to the dentist again and make adjustments. This is to help with an ill-fitting denture that give you pain or discomfort in your gums.

If you find it too uncomfortable for you to remain toothless for a number of weeks, a same day denture may work well for you. This is especially true if you work a job in which you must stay in constant communication or deal with customers directly. However, if you think that you’ll be alright with having no teeth replacement for several weeks seek the creation of standard types. If you can wait for a replacement that fits well after your gums have completely healed, then you can go for the conventional dentures.

How Much Do Same Day Dentures Cost?

Same Day Dentures for Your SmileSame day dentures cost about 10 to 20 percent higher than the traditional dentures. This is mainly because of the labor it takes to make a good quality denture in just a few hours.

The cost of these may vary depending on the dental clinic and the placement, but they may range from about $,1400 to $2,500 roughly. If you have a tooth removal, you will also have to add the cost of each tooth. Usually, tooth removal ranges from $150 to $300 per tooth.


A same day or an immediate denture may cost higher than standard ones, but they give you the convenience of having a denture tooth replacement immediately after removing your tooth or parts of your teeth. This offers the convenience of not having to experience the absence of teeth. Once you walk out of the dental clinic, you can then right away give a big smile to everyone with the confidence these false teeth can provide.

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