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The Average Cost of Dentures

Are you in need of some cosmetic dentistry procedures? If you believe you need a dental denture, you first have to talk to your dentist about it. Getting certain dental procedures require reshaping or even removal of your teeth. It can require a very hefty cost as well.

There are many ways you can repair or improve the overall look of your smile. You can choose to have implants, dentures or veneers. However, not all the treatment can be well suited for you.

Also, just the average cost of dentures can be very intimidating. Your dentist has to guide you through all the advantages, disadvantages and requirements for each option. For dentures, it can be really simple.

Different Types of Dentures That You Need to Know

Different Types of Dentures That You Need to Know

Before proceeding to the different types of dentures that you need to know, you first need to know something. Your dentist will as much as possible try and save as many natural teeth as he or she can.

With that, you might either need a partial or full denture. A full denture means replacing all of your teeth at the upper or lower jaw or both.

Meanwhile, a partial dental means only replacing one or a few missing or damaged teeth. A partial denture costs more at times because of the difficulty of creating and properly fitting it between all other teeth.


Average Cost of Dentures

Other than a full and partial denture, there are also the immediate and conventional dentures. The immediate and conventional are more options you can choose from if you are a candidate for a full denture.

An immediate denture can be placed right after extracting your teeth. Meanwhile, the conventional variant is placed right after your gums heal. The average cost of dentures that are complete is approximately $1,300.

Immediate dentures are slightly more expensive having an average price of $1,450. If you have dental insurance, it can help you with the cost.

Average Cost of Dentures

Getting a Procedure Cheaper than the Average Cost of Dentures

Getting a denture may not always be affordable. However, you can learn that the benefits you can get from having the false teeth are priceless.

Afterall, you are improving the way you look and feel about yourself. Getting a procedure cheaper than the average cost of dentures is possible with us. Affordable Dental Las Vegas offers cheaper prices and different payment plans.

If you want a more permanent option, a denture implant can also available. It’s not removable and fits better in your mouth because of better anchorage. This 2017, set a day to have a denture procedure if you are a candidate for it.

Make this your year by improving the look of your smile. Our clinic can help you with payment plans for the fees. We help our patients with our prices by offering and helping you choose the best payment option for you.

We try and be flexible with our clients as we make it our mission to help you achieve your dreams through dental procedures. Call us today and let us know how we can help you.

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