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Things to Look for in a Local Kids Dentist

Maintaining our kids’ dental health is highly important to avoid development of other health problems and to keep their smiles healthy and happy. When looking for a local kids dentist, there are many things you should look out for. Particularly, their license to practice and past experiences in working with children. Here are the other things you need to look for in a local pediatric dentist to ensure that you choose the best dentist for your kids:

Find the Best Local Kids Dentist1. Extensive Training and Experience

A local pediatric dental physician should have extensive experience in handling kids’ teeth. Ask about training, and take note that a pediatric dentist has an additional two years of residency wherein they train for babies, kids, kids with special needs, and teens. Ask how many years the dentist has been in practice to get an idea of how experienced they are.

2. Knowledgeable and Informative

The local pediatric dentist should know everything there is to know about kids’ dental health. They should also be on teaching mode when you visit. This means they should inform you on best and harmful practices for kids’ dental health, how best to maintain your kids’ health, and even how to handle fractured teeth. This is a sign that the local pediatric dental physician genuinely cares for you child’s dental health.

3. Kids Dentist That Accept Medicaid or Your Health Plan

Easy Pediatric Dental CareThe local pediatric dentist that you choose should also accept your health plan or your Medicaid. Having a kids dentist that accept Medicaid is particularly important for low-income families. If you qualify for Medicaid, the program will pay for your kids’ dental needs. Ask the local kids dental pediatrician if they accept Medicaid so you can cut costs in this area.

4. Friendly Dental Office for Kids

The local kids dentist should have a friendly dentist office for kids where the atmosphere is friendly and positive and the staff approachable. Are there toys, child-sized furniture, books, and games? Are they playing kid-friendly shows on TV? The staff in the dentist office for kids should also maintain a child-friendly vocabulary at all times.

5. Genuine Love for Kids

You should also observe how the dental pediatrician interacts with a scared or crying child. Does the dentist offer comfort and know how to divert the attention of kids, or does the dentist scold or ignore the child’s feelings? A pediatric dentist who genuinely loves children will be able to soothe a crying child and make the trip enjoyable and memorable for the child. This is important to ensure that your children won’t develop a trauma for dentists.


Dental Care for BabiesWhen choosing a local pediatric dentist, you need to make sure that the dentist is equipped with tools and expertise in handling your child’ teeth. It’s also ideal to choose a kids dentist that accepts Medicaid or your health plan to lessen the costs. The dentist should also have a friendly dentist office for kids where the child can feel welcome and comfortable. Lastly, you want a dentist who genuinely cares for your child and knows how to handle children’s varying moods to ensure your child’s pleasant trip to the dentist.

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