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What’s a Tooth Crown Cost with Insurance and Without?

If you’re in need of a crown for a problem tooth, it’s a great idea to understand your options, what the procedure is, potential problems and of course, what does a tooth crown cost with insurance and without.

In the Las Vegas area, there are several reputable dental care providers from which to choose for the procedure, but it pays to do your homework and pick a place with the best available care yet affordable prices as well as available where and when you need them.

Here we’ll explore the dental crown cost without insurance and with insurance, the debate of crowns vs. veneers, and the common tooth crown problems you may face following the dental procedure.

What's a Tooth Crown Cost with Insurance and Without

What Is a Dental Crown and the Procedure That Goes with It?

A tooth crown is a cap that is shaped like a tooth and is placed over a problem tooth so it will look and feel just like the real thing.

Crowns are necessary for some reasons such as a broken or weak tooth, for a dental bridge or support, to cover a dental implant or other cosmetic reasons, or to take the place of a discolored or tooth that is misshapen.

The types of crowns used are metals such as gold, platinum, or base-metal alloys, stainless steel, composite resins, and porcelain.

The procedure involves preparing the tooth by filing the affected tooth, filing it down, and placing the crown over it with a dental adhesive.

A dental crown can last anywhere from five to 15 years, depending on the type. Some of the more expensive ones can last 25-30 years.

What Is the Dental Crown Cost Without Insurance and with Insurance?

The dental crown cost without insurance or with insurance varies. A lot depends on the type of dental insurance that you have and what percentage of the dental crown and procedure and treatment it covers.

In addition, these prices vary depending on where you live and the dental care provider performing the work. A resin dental crown, according to national averages, is $328 per crown. Metal crowns around $776 and porcelain about $821. So, if your dental insurance covers say, 80 percent of a resin crown, pay about $66 for the crown.

What’s the Difference: Crowns vs. Veneers?

The significant difference between crowns vs. veneers is the amount of tooth coverage. The crown covers the whole tooth, and the drawback for some folks is a significant portion of the tooth is filed down to make way for the crown.

Veneers are a layer (porcelain or composite resin), and a portion of the front of the tooth is filed down for the placement of the veneer, so you save more of the original tooth.

What Does a Tooth Crown Cost with Insurance and Without?

Common Tooth Crown Problems to Be Aware of After Placement

The most immediate issue you may have as far as common tooth crown problems are you may have a sensitivity to cold or hot. You may also have some nerve problems, generalized pain in the tooth, gums and nerves.

If the crown is loose or comes out (very, very, rare), that will need to be addressed right away.

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