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The Reason Why Tooth Extraction Procedure Is Performed by Your Las Vegas Dentist

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure where the tooth is removed.

There are several reasons for your dentist to suggest tooth extraction, which is the last solution a dentist will resort to and advise. As much as possible, a dentist will exhaust all other options first, in order to save a tooth.

However, there are dental cases where tooth extraction will have to be performed, so that further infections can be prevented as well as damages to neighboring teeth can be avoided.

why dentists perform tooth extraction procedure

The Reasons Why Tooth Extraction Procedure Is Performed

A tooth that is damaged or has a small hole due to decay and cavities may be repaired and saved through a one-visit procedure for the placement of a dental filling. In other situations, a dental crown or a dental cap is the solution which you may be provided with.

There are situations where the damages to a tooth prove to be beyond repair so as the tooth will have to be completely removed.

Aside from a tooth being severely damaged, presented here are some of the usual reasons why a tooth extraction procedure will be performed by a dentist.

Abnormal, extra teeth. Extra teeth is more common than you think, and are teeth that should not be part of a normal set of teeth and will need to be extracted, especially if they are already causing problems by impeding the growth of other positioned teeth.

These extra teeth, if not removed, may restrain the growth of other teeth, which in turn, may eventually result in adverse consequences you will not want to deal with in the future. Teeth being blocked from growing naturally can drastically change their placement or position in the gums which will affect the rest of your teeth.

Baby tooth extraction. If baby teeth do not fall out naturally to allow for permanent teeth to grow, your dentist will have to extract them. Just like abnormal extra teeth, baby teeth not falling out in time may cause the positioning of the permanent teeth to be negatively affected, which you will need to deal with at some point.

There may also be bite issues which can result from not taking out baby teeth.

How Tooth Extraction Procedure Is Prepared

How Tooth Extraction Procedure Is Prepared

In preparation for placement of metal braces. If you are planning on getting metal braces, and there are some teeth which will get in the way of the metal aligners, these teeth will have to be extracted in order to give space for the other teeth, whose placement or position is intended to be correct with the braces.

A tooth extraction procedure will have to be performed on these obstructive teeth so that you can achieve the best results from wearing metal braces.

Impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth or third molars need to be surgically extracted, particularly if they are severely affected in which only a part of them has come out or that they have not grown at all and have been prohibited from growing through the gum line into their proper position.

This can cause pain in the area of the impacted wisdom teeth, and even along the jawline, if dental tooth extraction is not performed immediately.

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