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What Does a Tooth Filling Cost Without Insurance?

We get it. Many Americans simply don’t have adequate or any dental insurance at all.

Because of this, the options are to lapse into inadequate dental care or reach out to dental providers who understand the struggle or little or no insurance and are willing to work with you.

So when you need to know what a tooth filling cost without insurance, there is help out there and plenty of affordable options for you so don’t despair and read on to find out more.

We’ll close with the dentist prices for fillings, as far as the national average is concerned.

What Does a Tooth Filling Cost Without Insurance

First of All, What Are the Types of Dental Fillings Available?

OK, let’s go ahead and explain a little about the types of dental fillings available to you for when you need to have a cavity treated.

When you have a cavity, and your dentist needs to either repair broken or cracked teeth or a decaying part of your tooth, you’ll be put through a procedure to fix the cracked or broken teeth with a filling or a filling used to replace the decayed portion of the tooth.

The types of dental fillings used nowadays are a composite resin, gold, or a silver amalgam (a mixture of mercury and tin, copper, zinc, silver). One other type that’s somewhat new is a glass ionomer (glass particles, similar to the composite resin).

The fillings procedure is where the dentist will drill out the decayed portion or use the filling to repair broken or cracked teeth.

What Does a Tooth Filling Cost Without Insurance

What Is the Average Price for a Tooth Filling, Without Insurance

Bear in mind, the dentist prices for fillings we’re mentioning are national averages. The rates will vary depending on where you live and the dental provider you choose for the work to be done. These prices are without insurance.

The composite resin (tooth-colored) will run you from $90-$250 (can be for one to two teeth). For three or more it can be from $150-$450. Gold and porcelain tend to be the most expensive options and can average around $250-$4,500.

The dentist prices for fillings for silver amalgam fillings run anywhere from $50-$150 for 1-2 teeth and $120-$300 for two or more teeth.

So know you know the tooth filling cost without insurance, and the good news is in the Las Vegas area, there are options for you to receive the quality, affordable and quick dental treatment and services that you need and deserve.

Our dental facility has the best dentists in the area, offers affordable prices, appointments where and when you need them, and we take any patient, regardless of whether you have little or no insurance.

We offer affordable payment options such as easy payment plans and even have a dental financing option available if you don’t have the money to pay right now.

We know that when you are in pain and need dental care, particularly in an emergency situation, if you don’t have insurance and can’t afford the services, you need to be taken care of to fix the problem.

So call our office today, and we promise to work with you to get you smiling again.

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