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Tooth loss is a common dental issue that affects millions of people in the country. Tooth loss could be caused by a variety of reasons such as advanced tooth decay, periodontal disease, accidents, and various other injuries. No matter how you lose your teeth, it may cause difficulties in eating, speaking, and smiling. Not only it would give your face a sunken appearance but affect your self-esteem in a negative way. If you have only lost a few teeth or have minor issues then you will want to consider getting Las Vegas dental veneers but if you have lost a significant number of teeth in your mouth, dentures are one of the most effective and affordable tooth replacement therapies available to you. Dentures are also referred to as false teeth by many people. In fact, millions of patients in the country have benefited from wearing complete or partial dentures. Unlike Las Vegas dental implants, dentures are not attached and are removed from the mouth daily for varrious reasons. If you are a patient who is looking for dentures Las Vegas NV, you should keep on reading this article.

Although you would find a host of dental services in Las Vegas offering complete and partial dentures, not all these clinics offer top-notch, affordable dentures. Our service comes highly recommended by a majority of patients who have availed themselves for a complete or partial denture from out clinic. We offer a variety of denture styles including partial and full dentures. Our highly qualified and experienced Las Vegas dentist will help you pick the best match for your requirements.

Know What Types of Dentures Are Available in Las Vegas

Full Dentures – Full or complete dentures are ideal for patients who are missing all their teeth in one arch. They are usable for the top/bottom or both arches. A patient should visit a cosmetic dentist in las vegas more than once to complete this procedure. First, you will have a consultation with one of our qualified dentists. If you and your dentist decide that you are an ideal candidate for a complete denture, the remaining teeth on the arch would be pulled out by the dentist. The dentist will take a mold of your oral structure which will be used in the creation of the prosthesis. This is important to guarantee a perfect fit of the denture once developed. On the other hand, if you experience any discomfort once the denture is fitted, your dentist will make the necessary adjustments to the denture.

Some patients may take more time to get used to having a foreign object in their mouth. In order to become comfortable with your new set of teeth in the mouth, it is important that you practice your pronunciation by reading a piece of text aloud. You also require sticking to easy to chew and soft foods during the initial phase of wearing the denture.

  • We offer several styles of full dentures to suit the budget of all patients. Each of these dentures has their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Economy Dentures – This is the most affordable that is selected by a majority of our patients.
  • Deluxe Dentures – This denture is made from high-quality materials. It has a natural look and is stain-resistant and durable compared to the economy product. You can try this denture and change any characteristics that you don’t like before wearing it.
  • Ultimate Dentures – This is the most expensive product made with advanced injection technology. It is strong, lightweight, and odor/stain resistant. The patient could enjoy a try-in-preview similar to Deluxe dentures to see how it looks on them before they order the denture.

Partial Dentures – If you are missing two or more teeth in your mouth, it wouldn’t be necessary to replace the entire set of teeth in your mouth. This is where partial dentures come in handy. This denture also comes with a gum-colored base and the prosthetic teeth on top of it quite similar to any other false teeth. The procedure is completed similar to the complete denture. Our dentist will check your oral health and see if they need to remove any teeth in the vicinity to fix the denture properly. They will then create an impression mold which will be used to make the new teeth for your mouth. Once the work is complete, you have to visit us to test the partial denture in your mouth. In fact, you could flash a beautiful smile thereafter, and the full functionality of your teeth would be returned once again.

  • We offer two types of partial dentures such as Acrylic partial dentures and Cast metal partial dentures.
  • Acrylic Partial Dentures – Although they are quite affordable, they may feel bulky in your mouth. There is an acrylic base which the false teeth are set. It is then attached to the natural teeth using small metal clasps.
  • Cast Metal Partial Dentures – This denture is much stronger, offers a great fit, and feels less bulky. They look quite similar to your natural teeth. Hence, they are more expensive compared to the acrylic partial dentures.

Immediate Dentures – These dentures are meant to be used soon after the teeth have been removed. Thanks to this type of dentures, you will not have to appear in public without teeth. These dentures are made to be used soon after the tooth extraction site is healed. There is one disadvantage of this type of denture. Since the teeth and gums would shrink during the months following the extraction, these dentures would require more adjustments in the long run.

Frequently Asked Denture Questions

Most patients have unanswered questions about our dentures and extraction services. Here are some frequently asked questions about dentures.

When should I replace my denture?

Dentures are meant to be replaced every five to ten years. Most patients would find that the fit of the dentures change as the jawbone shrinks further. In fact, you should visit the dental clinic on a yearly basis to get the dentures checked.

How should I clean my dentures?

You should clean the denture on a daily basis to maintain its durability over time. Make sure you use a soft brush and cleaning agent for this purpose. Soap and water would do most of the time. There are also various products on the market to clean dentures. You need to brush the inside as well as the outside of the denture. It is recommended that you soak the denture in a cleaning agent once it is taken out at night. Make sure you hold the dentures tight when cleaning them. Dentures may break when fallen.

What if the denture causes soreness on my gums?

A new denture may cause sore spots on your gums. But if you experience the soreness for longer periods, you need to visit us to get the denture adjusted. Minor adjustments will help eliminate the sore spots on the gums.

What if I have a dental emergency?

We offer same day denture services for patients who undergo dental emergencies. The emergency service may depend on your oral health and any medications you take. Emergency denture repairs are undertaken by the qualified technicians at the Dentures Las Vegas NV.

Why do dentures cost so much?

This is due to the majority of work involved in making and fitting the dentures is quite labor-intensive. The major portion of the cost is for the labor involved in the procedure. Creating dentures that will improve your appearance and oral functions take a significant amount of expertise and training. On the other hand, dental materials and products also tend to be quite expensive in this day and age.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of what you need to consider when looking for dentures Las Vegas NV. It will help you pick the right dental clinic for dentures Las Vegas NV. If you require immediate services then you should read more about using a 24 hour emergency dentist in Las Vegas.

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