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Pediatric Childrens Dentist

Whether you are in town for a brief visit as a vacationer, sticking around for a season or a few months as a temporary worker, or live here full-time, your teeth and gums need professional attention from time to time. Let us be your pediatric dentist Las Vegas solution for the kids in your family. Our range of products and services can keep your kids smiling bright now and into the future. While even adults should see an affordable dental Las Vegas professional twice a year for cleanings and an examination, the younger years in life are critical to establishing a lifetime of great oral health.

We Handle Kids With Care At Our Childrens Dentist Las Vegas Offices

We do not just see younger patients at our offices; we are used to dealing with them. From soothing waiting rooms with toys, television, and coloring books, to video games and other entertaining activities in our interior waiting area, we keep kids occupied and entertained as much as we can to reduce their anxiety about coming to the dentist. Most of our visits do not even involve anything they are going to find painful so we can earn their trust and respect. When we become a friend to them, we find they are more likely to listen to us when we tell them how to take care of their teeth.

We Help Your Kids Learn How To Take Care Of Their Teeth

You have a lot of things to make sure your kids learn as they grow up so they can go on to lead healthy, productive, happy adult lives. It is practically impossible for parents alone to teach their kids everything they need to know. While we still need your help in reinforcing good habits, we can educate your kids about what is going on in their mouths and emphasize the importance of brushing, flossing, and using fluoride, as well eating and drinking the right things. We even provide stickers and charts you can use to help them form healthy habits.

Keep Their Smiles White And Bright with Pediatric Dental Las Vegas Services

Kids need the same general dental care that adults get. We do X-rays, examination, routine cleanings, and check for cavities and gum disease. If they are not brushing right or often enough, we let them know (as well as you). Any possible maintenance services they need to keep their current teeth healthy is something we provide. Of course, with kids, there is far more we can do! In the event your child requires we also have Las Vegas dental implants for kids but this is rare that a child requires such services.

We Make Sure Their Future Smiles Are Going To Be Great Too

Unlike other dentists that focus primarily on adults, our pediatric dentist Las Vegas offices are geared exclusively towards the younger crowd. We can do everything from help baby teeth come out to make sure that adult teeth are strongly positioned and aligned correctly. From braces and other alignment technologies to identifying and removing wisdom teeth before they are problems, we make sure your child has a mouth that develops correctly for many decades of strong smiles and correct jaw alignment.

We Work With You To Make Things Affordable

While the dental needs of kids can vary wildly depending on their needs, over the course of two decades of growing up, the bills can pile up fast. We work with our patients (and their parents) and accept most major forms of dental insurance. Just shoot us an email or give our office a call to see if your current policy is accepted as well as figuring out what levels of co-pay or deductibles are going to fall in your lap. We also offer our own in-house financing and payment plans for those that need some extra help spreading out the costs over time.

Easy And Convenient Scheduling

We know that getting your kids to a dentist is never easy or fun, which is why we try to accommodate parents the best we can with our scheduling. If required you can also use our 24 hour dental clinic when your kid is up late at night with a tooth ache. We try to prioritize younger children who are not yet in school for the mornings, while saving afternoons for kids just out of school. And, since we care about your kid’s teeth until they have their own insurance as adults, we even save appointment spots during Christmas break, Spring vacation, and the summer break to see those who have grown up and gone on to college.

If you would just like to make your smile shine again then we can help as well. be sure to ask bout our teeth whitening in Las Vegas NV. We provide affordable, quality services to make your smile look the happiest its ever been.

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