Pediatric Dentistry Without Insurance

Practical Ways to Look for Affordable Pediatric Dentists Without Insurance
The cost of dental care has steadily increased in the past years. The average surgical tooth removal can now easily cost you hundreds of dollars. As if that’s not enough, consumers with dental insurance also decreased in the past few years.

Should your kids suffer painful dental health because of a bad economy? Absolutely not! If you and your kids are uninsured, you can still find competent children’s dentists without insurance. Here are some ways to do just that:

Pediatric Dentist That Accepts Government Health Care

Look for local pediatric dentists that accept Medicaid and other government programs. Many local pediatric dentists will accept Medicaid and Medicare but not all will. These are government programs that are designed to cover citizens’ basic health needs. Your child can receive top-notch dental care for little to no expense under these programs.

Dentistry for Children You can take advantage of other government programs that offer services for highly trained children’s dentists without insurance. CHIP Medicaid, or Children’s Health Insurance Program, is specifically intended to cover kids’ dental and medical care. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is a governmental organization that helps uninsured and low-income citizens receive adequate medical attention from competent healthcare practitioners.

Pediatric Dental Discounts

See if the affordable local dentists for kids offer discounts. Many children’s dentists without insurance offer discounts or lower rates to patients. Explain your financial situation and lack of insurance and try to negotiate your billing rate ahead of your consultation. Be as clear and convincing as possible to help the pediatric dentist understand your need. Many dentists offer discounts instead of turning away patients to gain loyal customers over time.

Ask About Payment Installments

Inquire about payment installments among no insurance pediatric dentists. Affordable local dentists for kids understand that some patients can’t pay upfront, so they offer payment installments. Some offer 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month payment periods. This will lighten the burden of paying a hefty sum in a single dental care session.

Try to look for installment plans with the smallest interest rate. Plans with high interest rates will offset the benefits of finding affordable local dentists for kids.

Offer Your Services to Pediatric Dentists

Dental Health Care PediatricianAn ingenious way of saving money on your kid’s dental care is to barter your services to pediatric dentists. Dental clinics are businesses, so if you have any skills that can help their business, consider trading that service for free or discounted dental care. If you are a web developer, graphic artist, marketing expert, or an accountant, your skills will be of use to them.


There are tons of creative and practical ways to find affordable children’s dentists without insurance. The government is the first safety net you’ve got so be sure to check out government programs first. Then you can shop around for local no insurance pediatric dentists that offer discounts, payment installments, and even a service bartering system.

The important thing is to not sacrifice quality over the cost. Even if the rate is low, you still need to check if the local pediatric dentist is qualified and highly experienced. Your child deserves nothing but the best – insurance or no insurance.